Vision Statement

To be the leading world class brand in every market we compete in.

Mission Statement

To produce all kinds of premium cocoa and chocolate product, and market them around the world.

Corporate Profile

WAHANA INTERFOOD NUSANTARA TBK, PT. is one of the most competitive premium cocoa and chocolate companies in Indonesia, manufacturing high quality cocoa and chocolate from the cocoa beans to the finished product on the shelf.

WAHANA INTERFOOD NUSANTARA, PT. was established in 2006, and become WAHANA INTERFOOD NUSANTARA TBK, PT. in 2019. We are a fully integrated company that is able to create and produce high-quality and premium cocoa and chocolate products. We bring fresh approach, new vision and innovation to our core values. We continuously strive to create new and innovative ideas for our customers.

Our products are manufactured under premium brand of SCHOKO and various premium and exclusive brands for overseas. SCHOKO products are distributed in INDONESIA and exported to many countries in ASIA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and USA.

WAHANA INTERFOOD NUSANTARA TBK, PT. known as SCHOKO provides services in the fields of product development which enable us to cater customer’s needs and respond to the varying customer preferences. We constantly challenge the way we produce each of our products and anticipate market changes and trends.

Today, we are a promising cocoa and chocolate manufacturer in Indonesia and South East Asia countries that provide high-quality cocoa and chocolate products for food manufacturers, food services and retailers

Eventually, none of these is possible without the consistent commitment and dedication shown by everyone of PT. Wahana’s employees: our workers, as well as sales persons, creative marketers and project development team who continuously create, market and distribute our products both locally and internationally. So if you would like to experience PT. Wahana’s sensational products, just contact us at +62 22 6011375 or at info@wahana-interfood.com